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Vibrant Hope – The Lord is with Me

Sunday 6/30/2024

Psalms 118:6 (NKJV) 6 The LORD is on my side; I will not fear. What can man do to me?

This verse is a powerful declaration of faith and trust in God’s presence and protection. It reflects the unwavering confidence that comes from knowing the Almighty God is by our side, providing strength and courage in the face of any challenges or fears. The verse emphasizes the assurance that when we have God on our side, there is no need to fear the actions or intentions of mere human beings. It encourages us to place our trust in God’s unfailing love and sovereignty, knowing that He is greater than any obstacle or threat we may encounter. In our daily lives, this verse reminds us to cultivate a deep and abiding trust in God’s faithfulness. When we face difficulties, uncertainties, or opposition, we can find comfort and courage in the knowledge that God is with us, guiding and protecting us. By relying on His strength and promises, we can overcome fear and walk in confidence. The verse promises that the Lord is with us, so we need not fear anything. God’s presence brings peace, security, and victory over all challenges.

As believers, we are called to hold fast to our faith in God’s presence and protection. We are encouraged to trust in Him completely, knowing that He is our refuge and strength in times of trouble. By living out this verse in our daily lives, we demonstrate our reliance on God’s promises and showcase His power at work in us In conclusion, let us take comfort in the truth of Psalm 118:6 and embrace the assurance that the Lord is with us always. Let us pray for the grace to trust in God’s presence, to banish fear from our hearts, and to walk boldly in His strength. May we live out this verse with confidence and courage, knowing that nothing can stand against us when we have the Almighty God on our side! Amen.

By Pastor AK Mannah


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