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Spiritual Warfare Prayer For Lost Souls

As Christians, we experience the most fulfilling levels of joy knowing we’ll get to spend an eternal life in God’s great love. But we also experience intense levels of pain and sadness for our loved ones who are not in the faith…Knowing what their fate will be if they choose to reject the love of Christ.

But unfortunately, telling them this does little if they aren’t willing to make the personal and conscious choice to seek a relationship with God on their own. 

The Holy Spirit can only come upon those who humbly accept that they are a sinner in need of saving. And since God has given us free will, we get to decide how we want to use it. Love is a choice, and God wants us to choose Him. So what can we do as Christians who stand in the gap between God and this lost soul?  We can pray. 

Dear Heavenly Father,
(Call out the names of those who are lost) is lost in the darkness. They are rightfully yours and Satan has stolen them away, and they are living in sin. I pray that you will un-harden their hearts and place in them a heart of flesh and a new spirit. Dear Father, nothing is impossible to You. You can turn anything Satan means for evil, back around for Your good. 

Your blood cleanses, covers, and saves all who call on Your name. You are a consuming fire who fights for us. And You have made us conquerors through our Lord Jesus, by whom the enemy trembles. Because of Jesus, we have power and authority over the enemy, and we stand in the gap for our loved ones. Nothing I say right now can reach them, but I know You can.

They have a wounded heart and are trying to fill themselves with futile things of the world that only separate them from You more.  You have made the greatest miracles happen.  I pray that my loved one will be another testimony of Your love and great power… And someday they will help You to recover the lost souls of this world. Help them to leave their worldliness behind and develop a personal relationship with You. I claim them for You in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I pray Amen.

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